PF rigging centre in Katuba located


Information from reliable PF sources has revealed that there is a rigging agenda properly and systematically planned by the Patriotic Front(PF) .It has been disclosed that Manjanzi Lodge is being used to conduct this operation.

Manjanzi lodge is located in 10 miles area of katuba and owned by a Mr.Phiri who has given a nod to the dirty matrix.

PF officials have been meeting everyday from 10:00hrs to 22:00hrs for the rigging matrix training .There are pre-marked ballot papers kept in one suite(room) .The areas earmarked for stuffing of pre-marked ballot papers include Mungule , Katuba and Chunga Wards.

Electorates and citizens are requested to be vigilant and put a stop to this lawless behavior by the PF .

Remember if we do not teach the PF a lesson now, we shall be endorsing their clandestine activities up to 2021.

All able bodied men are called upon to defuse any such matrix. There is also need to guard the other polling stations as they may be targeted .

Source: PF

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