PF rigging won’t work – Ngoma

THERE is too much excitement and hullabaloo among PF members that they will win the August 11 general elections because of their rigging mechanism, says former Sinda MMD member of parliament Levy Ngoma.

And Ngoma says it is shameful that President Edgar Lungu decided to go to Uganda and meddle in the affairs of the people of that country.

In an interview, Ngoma said the PF were cheating themselves that they would win the coming elections.

“We know that if wishes were horses, everyone would be riding. We can see that there is so much excitement and hullabaloo in the PF thinking that they have already won the August 11 general elections. Let them continue daydreaming and cheating themselves that they will win the general elections. But one thing for sure that is not surprising to me is [it is] because of the feeling that they have really advanced in their rigging mechanism,” Ngoma said. “Their rigging mechanism won’t work. It won’t buy them power, it won’t see them get re-elected because Zambians are alive to the fact that this time around, we will not allow foreigners, those who have registered along the border lines all the way from Nyimba to Chama, along that border line between Zambia and Malawi…those people, foreigners should come and vote only at their peril. All those schemes, we are aware.”

He also said it was shameful that President Lungu got excited and decided to meddle in the internal affairs of Ugandan without considering the tension that was there at the moment following February’s election which saw Yoweri Museveni being re-elected to serve his fifth term in office.

“The President has been called all sorts of names on the Ugandan social media, meaning the Ugandans are not even happy with what is obtaining. We are pretty aware that after this, they are going to Dubai to continue with their plan. As stakeholders, we are not going to allow the Uganda situation and neither are we going to allow this Dubai arrangement where they want to rig the elections…,” he said.

“…just like in that recording on social media where the minister of ‘misinformation’ Chishimba Kambwili was heard saying that the Dubai arrangement works, then they can have a cup of coffee and relax, then they will have won the elections. All those things, we are aware. But it won’t happen this time around. No one says people should not dream, they can continue daydreaming as they are doing.”

And Ngoma said it was evident that the country’s economy was biting.

He said never in the history of Zambia had citizens been subjected to such levels of suffering as they are under PF and President Lungu.

Ngoma said there was need for the PF to read between the lines if they were sincere with themselves about winning the elections.

“Look at the defections from the PF to the UPND! Look at the number of people leaving the PF to join us in the opposition! It is clear, the writing is on the wall that Zambians are fed up, tired with the high cost of living, being called the highly indebted poor country again, high levels of unemployment, the job losses, policy inconsistencies in terms of managing the economy of the country, abuse of the law, the public order Act,” he said.

Ngoma said the opposition was aware that certain government institutions were pandering to the PF agenda to the detriment of the desires and wishes of the majority Zambians.

“All that has brought a lot of discontent among Zambians. We are tired of the mismanagement that is in the education sector. The students now don’t have that freedom to express themselves on the way they feel about how their country should be run. All these issues are going to chase these guys away. We are tired that up to now, we should be talking about farmers. Despite the unprecedented high cost of production in terms of maize, government starts to insult and mock the small scale farmers and announce that they are going to buy the crop at K75 per 50 kilogramme bag and yet they know that out there, there is a huge market where this maize can cost close to K200 [for the same quantity] ; meaning that they want to steal; they want to defraud the Zambians,” he said.

Ngoma said there were a lot of things that were working against the PF and that they were cheating themselves to think that the 2016 elections would be smooth sailing.

“Maloto sibalesa (you cannot stop someone from dreaming) but sooner or later, they (PF) will wake up to reality and get back to where they have came from. No wonder I say that to us in the opposition and the majority of the Zambians, our excitement stems from the fact that the day of salvation is nearer and that day of salvation is August 11 and this salvation is in our hearts. We are going to speak decisively on that day, come what may, because for the PF right now, one would say that it is time for them to start packing their bags so that we can come in and clean up the mess they have created,” said Ngoma.


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