We will bring back subsidies, HH tells Copperbelt

We will bring back subsidies, HH tells Copperbelt

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema  has said that President Micheal  Sata is providing bad leadership to the Zambians and that his party will restore the food subsidies scrapped by the PF.

Featuring on Kitwe based Radio Ichengelo’s Face to Face with the community radio programme, Mr Hichilema said dictator Sata has no plan for Zambia hence he has led this country(Zambia) into Chaos.
“PF went into office to save themselves, they have no plan, there is no coherence in this government, this has resulted into chaos in the country,” said the UPND leader.
Mr Hichilema said  PF government ministers, President Sata inclusive, were daily contradicting each other on  important national issues because of lack of clear policies on governance matters.
He said the PF government was running the country based on lies.
“They may know how to lie the people politically but they don’t know how to how to run the country,” he said.
Mr Hichilema added that before the PF came into power mealie meal was selling at about K38 rebased, but is is now  going at about K58 rebased and in some cases at K70 rebased and even at K100 rebased.
Mr Hichilema said  prices of most essential commodities have gone up in the PF government while the PF were still maintaining that they were a pro-poor government.
He criticised the PF government for removing the fuel and maize subsidies, saying that the idea was mainly aimed at funding their huge cabinet.
“Subsidies are a life blood, the government has removed the subsidies foe its selfish benefits,” he said.
He said the PF government has the largest cabinet in the World of about over 70 ministers adding that this why they have decided to remove the subsidies on fuel and maize so that they can use the savings from the removal of subsidies to pay allowances to ministers.
“In their campaigns the PF were saying that they were going to have a smallest cabinet, but today they have  a largest cabinet, they had their ministers allowances increased by over 100 percent,” he said.
Mr Hichilema wondered why the PF government subsidies from fuel and maize when the country has a loan of 750 euro (Euro bond)
“The Euro bond is still idle in the banks, you mean you can only bring about infrastructure development in the country by removing subsidies from essential commodities?,”  he questioned.
He further said that the PF government promised more jobs and money to the youths during their 2011 campaigns but today the scenario is different, saying that even the ‘Jerabos’ (Illegal miners) have stopped from doing their jobs and are now replaced by PF cadres.
“When we come into power, we shall allow these Jerabos to do their work legally so that they can earn some money for themselves,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said some Statutory Instrument (SI) introduced were reducing the capacity of some investors to do business because they were controlling the Foreign Exchange.

“During the campaigns, the PF promised to create jobs for Zambians, but they are reducing even the existing jobs. Some SI which PF has introduced so far are reducing the
capacity of some investors to do business. This is why today, you hear that Antelope Milling company has fired 41, the other day, another company has fired some workers.

“If you increase the cost of production through wrong policies, companies will lay off the workers because they are scared of the of the long term effects. PF is just a mediocre government which should be removed from power,” Mr Hichilema said.

On subsidies, Mr Hichilema has advised Zambians not to listen to the lies of the PF ministers and other government officials of saying that the money being saved from the lifting of fuel and maize subsidies would go towards infrastructure development.

He said the money being saved from the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize would go towards the funding of Judge Lovemore Chikopa stay in Zambia, bloated cabinet and the PF induced by-elections.

He said any responsible government would use the tax from the mining companies for infrastructure development like road, hospital, schools and other infrastructure development.

“Zambians should not be cheated that the money realized from the lifting from the lifting of subsidies on fuel and maize will go towards infrastructure development. No, that is not true they are using that money to fund Chikopa’s stay in Zambia , bloated cabinet and the by-election,” He said.

He said, once elected in government, UPND would bring back subsidies on fuel and agriculture to help develop the agriculture sector and make it grow further.

He said the UPND would not export raw maize, but would ensure that it adds value to maize by making it mealie-meal before being exported.

“Once we get into power, we will not export raw maize like PF is doing, but would add value to maize by making it mealie meal. This will not only add value to maize, but would also create employment for our local people,” He said.

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