PF ‘s candlelight constitution


Determined to mutilate the people’s will in the constitution, the Patriotic Front ( PF ) has bulldozed Its way against all odds by burning the “night candle” Thursday night in Parliament to write a constitution for Edgar Lungu and his cronies in the ruling party.

By 23: 40, Parliament was still seating and debating clauses of the new constitution.
While it’s custom that Parliament sits long hours when it’s to adjourn sine die, it is strange that an important document would be tabled at such a time when most of the MPS are tired.
A constitution is the supreme law of the land and determines the country’s governance and sociology economic development.
For a party that won the 2011 elections on the promise to give the Zambian people a truly people driven constitution the ongoing in Parliament where a candle light PF constitution is being passed is the worst betrayal of the Zambian people.
Throughout the constitution making processes Zambians have been unoinimous in demanding that a new constitution should be adopted through a popular mode a national referendum.
Several stakeholders, including church mother bodies like the Zambia Episcopal Conference and the Council of Churches in Zambia are opposed to the want mutilation by the PF.

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