PF’ s theft of gold in Mwinilunga

PF’ s theft of gold in Mwinilunga


This is Davies Mwila. He is the Secretary General of the Patriotic Front, the ruling party.

Currently, there is huge theft and illegal mining of gold in Northwestern Province. Mwila together with other PF and government leaders have been implicated in the theft.

But surprise, surprise! Mwila has appointed himself as the police commissioner and investigator general. He has usurped the powers of the police to investigate crime. The law is very clear that investigating crime is a preserve of the police. But Mwila, using public money, is leading a gang of other PF leaders to go and investigate the gold theft in that part of the country. Mwila is not even educated enough to understand an investigation report. How then can he lead an investigation? Even if he was qualified, it is simply not his duty or mandate. Why is president Edgar Lungu allowing this kind of lawlessness to continue under his charge? What have we as a people done to President Lungu for him?

Just to remind people tasked with investigations in this gold scum/we know what transpired.


*We can’t be feeding on rhetoric and deceit as some leaders are proving to be a fraud.*

We have *always* been *stating that we have some elements* in our *hierarchy* that have *gone flat out* to tarnish the image of *President Edgar Chagwa Lungu* using their *positions* and also *use the proceeds* of their *clandestine activities to fight our President and we implore people who genuinely support president Lungu to inform him.*

On *Monday 6 April 2020,* *Zambia Police arrested* a man who *claims to be a lawyer by the name of Hanabird* with *129 bags of gold* concentrates. However on *48 bags were records in occurrance book* at Mwinilunga Police. *Another 35 bags conspicuously went missing* with an *indication that they were given to the PF SG* . The *94 remaining bags were taken to Nyangombi for washing out of which 4.7kgs of pure gold was extracted.*

It is very *unfortunate* that the *people involved are people that are supposed to protect the name of President.* As things stand, the name of the *President and PF as a party have been brought into disrepute* in Mwinilunga district since *these people go there in the name of the President, the Party and Police Command.*

As a matter of fact, *Hanabird has already appeared at Mwinilunga Magistrate Courts* yet the *exhibit* is missing. *When we talk about such issues, we are branded otherwise.* We seek for the *truth* to be *laid bare* . *Warrants* of *arrests* have been issued for the *Mwinilunga Zambia Police station Officer in Charge,* the *Mobile Unit Commandant at Kasenseli,* the *station inspector and DIO from the OP so that they can give account of the missing gold which was under their custody.* Yet the *main players* *Jackson Kungo the PF Northwestern provincial chairman andthe Assistant Commissioner of Police who is the Divisional Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) Mr. James Banda have been left scot free. The *DCIO and Kungo are the ones that went away with the 4.7kgs of gold on Tuesday* . *Mr. Banda the DCIO arrived with chairman Kungo at 01hrs on Tuesday.* *The DCIO and Kungo got all the gold bags* and failed to leave the 48 that were recorded in the OB.

Mr Chris Mutalemu and Mr Kawatu on instructions from Kungo and *DCIO *attempted to bring in fake soils to replace the gold but failed.* Later on mutalenu and Kawatu went to wash the gold concentrates at Nyangombe where 4.7 kgs was realised which Kungo and DCIO took to sale.

DC Arnnot Mapulanga has been given k250,000* to keep his mouth shut while the Mwinilunga Zambia Police Officer in Charge has been given K150,000 to zip his mouth by Kungo and *DCIO.* It is *alleged* that *SG Davies Mwila,* *Chabu* from Kitwe are heavily involved.

As we speak, the DCIO, Commissioner of police and IG are trying by all means bury the issue because many other senior people will be burnt. Since warrants of arrests were issued no arrests have been effected .

Meanwhile some people of Mwinilunga who started getting in love so much with President Lungu are now wondering whether it is true these people are sent by him when they overhead Kungo talking on phone to PF SG that things will *move as planned. SG is planning to rise against President Lungu at the national conference .

*Mr President the people you trust are reaping Zambia!even your mines minister knows the activities of Kungo at kasenseli mines.*

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