PF says draft constitution is a mockery

The opposition Patriotic Front PF has described the release of the Draft Constitution to the public by the National Constitution Conference NCC as a mockery.

The NCC on Tuesday released to the public the Initial Report of the Conference,the Draft Constitution, and the Summary of the Resolutions of the Conference, giving the public 40 days in which to make their observations and contributions towards the draft constitution.

But PF Spokesperson Given Lubinda observes that the rush to release the draft document to the public has not been done in good faith but merely to justify the huge expenditures National Constitutional Conference has incurred during its deliberations.

Mr. Lubinda tells QFM in an interview that the NCC has spent colossal amounts of money deliberating over recommendations of the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Commission.

He also states that it is clear that the whole process of the NCC has been marred with a lot of inconsistencies that has led to the failure by the delegates to come up with a people driven legal document.

He adds that Zambian expected so much from the NCC that the huge resources invested in the process have not yielded anything to meet the expectations of the people after making progressive recommendations to the Mung’omba CRC.

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