PF says has won almost all wards on by-elections

PF says has won almost all wards on by-elections


According to PF media, the PF has won 13 out of 16 wards in which local government by elections were held yesterday.

The PF says it has won all the 9 ward by-elections held yesterday in their so called strongholds while winning 4 out of 7 wards in what the day are UPND strongholds.

In UPND strongholds, PF says has won:

1.KALILELE, Mushindamo in North Western ;
2.KANONGO, Kasempa In North Western;
3. LEALUI, Mongu in Western; and
4. NAMPUNDWE, Shibuyunji in Central

PF also says it has scooped all the 9 wards by elections held across ‘its strongholds ie,

1. KAKOMA, Mafinga in Muchinga;
2. KALEBE, Shiwang’andu in Muchinga; 3. MIKUNKU, Chinsali in Muchinga;
4. LUAPULA, Kalulushi in Copperbelt;
5. KANSUSWA, Mufulira in Copperbelt.
6. NTUMBACHUSHI, Kawamabwa in Luapula;
7. MUNWA, Mwense in Luapula;
8. CHIWEZA, Nyimba in Eastern;
9. CHIWUYU, Sinda in Eastern;

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