PF says it’s not Muchemwa who shot dead Lawrece Banda

PF says it’s not  Muchemwa who shot dead Lawrece Banda


Sunday Chanda writes ????????

Lusaka, 12th October 2019 – We have noted shameful attempts by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s UPND to link PF Member Francis Muchemwa to the unfortunate loss of life that transpired in Kaoma during the just ended by-election.

We wish to officially respond to these machinations by the UPND aimed at placing Mr. Muchemwa’s life in harm’s way. He was nowhere near Kaoma as he has been nursing a child who has been unwell and we find it highly mischievous that Mr. Hichilema’s UPND can drag an innocent man into the untimely death of the late Lawrence Banda (MHSRIP).

We are calling on all stakeholders including the Opposition UPND to allow the Zambia Police to carry out thorough investigations into this matter. We must also mention that falsely accusing someone of such a serious matter and placing his life in harm’s way is a matter the Zambia Police must take interest in. We must all reject UPND’s politics of framing people for sacrificial lambs.

Patriotic Front would wish to State that should anything happen to Mr. Muchemwa’s, the UPND leadership will be held accountable for recklessly inciting its members to retaliate.

Lastly, we call for civility and maturity in our politics. We must rid of the body politic all vengeance, bitterness and hatred. We must reach a point were it must be agreed that as different political parties, we can ‘make love and not war!’

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters

ZWD comment: Sunday Chanda might appear clever now, but the killer of Lawrence will be arrested when the right time comes.

If Sunday Chanda had a conscious, he would have directed his energies to call for justice for Lawrence instead of insulting HH. What makes Chanda think that Muchemwa’s life is more important than Lawrence’s life which was taken away by a PF member? Chanda, just like the police know who killed Lawrence. Creating alibis for Muchemwa is self deceit. If Muchemwa shot the dead young man, he will go to jail. It is just a matter of time. If Sunday Chanda knows where Muchemwa was that day, he also knows which PF cadres were in the killer car. If Chanda wants people to let the police do a thorough investigation, who is he to remove suspects from the list? Is he the officer handling the case ?
And there is no investigation going on so the issue of giving police time to investigate does not make sense.

And if there is one person who is practicing politics of hatred and bitterness in Zambia, it is Sunday Chanda.

Lawrence Banda’s blood is crying and it’s on the heads of PF leaders.

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