PF says mealie is now affordable, there is no loadshedding

PF says mealie is now affordable, there is no loadshedding

From PF media team:

We are grateful for the things that are working right in Zambia. Do not be like those who commit their lives to maximizing negatives and minimizing positives.

ZAMBIA may not be perfect. Yet we are thankful for the following positives because we remember we tabled these things during the national day of prayer.

1. Mealie Meal has come down from K120 to K67. In some places it’s as low as K50 per 25kg bag.

2. US$1.00 is now costing only K8.90 today compared to K14 in November 2015.

3. Bank lending rates have come from 45% to 27%.

4. Last year we had more than 12 hours of loadshedding per. Today there is no loadshedding.

5. Inflation rates have dropped from 27% to 6%.

6. ZESCO was losing money in subsidies, today we are close to bridging that gap and opening up the energy sector to investment.

7. Vehicles especially tracks from abroad carrying heavy loads were damaging our roads without contributing to the road fund. Today we have toll gates collecting toll fees ensuring that the roads will be maintained and more built.

8. We have Zambia’s biggest bumper harvest in 10years at 3,800,000 Tonnes.


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