PF says Patrick Mwanawasa insults elders on his own

PF says Patrick Mwanawasa insults elders on his own


The Patriotic Front says the insults which Patrick Mwanawasa has been issuing against president Band and other elederly people do not represent the position of the party.

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba was quoted by local media as saying that even though Mwanawasa is a member of the party, he does not issue policy statements on behalf of the party.

He said Mwanawasa is old enough to speak for himself and that he has  a democratic right to do so.

Mwanawasa has refused to tone done on what has been described as childish attacks on president Banda.

When he was advised by former vice president Enoch Kavindele to practice clean politics without insulting elderly people, Mwanawasa told Kavindele that he is finished, corrupt politician.

Mwanawasa was summoned by his family to hear what his problems are, but he has so far indicated that he will tell off his relatives.

Patrick’s latest ranting is that he is of the same age with president Banda’s wife Thandiwe.


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