PF says Sata does not need a press conference to address national issues

PF director of Communications, Chanda Mfula, says president Michael Sata does not need to hold a press conference to communicate with Zambians, despite numerous calls for him to do so.

Speaking in an interview, Mfula says there are many way Sata can communicate to the electorates without holding a press briefing.

President Sata has now gone a record almost 2 and half years into office without facing the media and the public through an interactive press conference to give regular policy directives and answer questions on pressing national issues.

During his health and fit days, Sata was only appearing to give policy directives when swearing-in his very old relatives in various positions to earn retirement benefits.

Of late, he has even further dissapeared from public eye as he only releases facebook pictures of himself carefully taken and selected by his propaganda team.

He is also basically running the country through facebook, something that has puzzled many Zambians that voted for the man who loved and enjoyed public limelight as nuisance opposition leader during the times he demonised his friends who were sick such as late Levy Mwanawasa, George Kunda, and others.

He has even failed to swear-in newly ratified Attorney General Musa Mwenya, Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa, Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila and other High Court Judges.

There are also a number of newly accredited diplomats to Zambia awaiting to present their credentials to the president for them to officially function in Zambia.

There has been continued speculation about Sata’s health following his frail body in the recent party where he has failed to officiate at key national events, but PF officials and government insist he is very fit.

In September, Sata will be expected to officially open the National Assembly, an event lasting almost whole day and cannot delegate anybody.

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