PF says they don’t need Scott in their campaigns because he is not God

PF says they don’t need Scott in their campaigns because he is not God

Mirriam (left)

Mumbi near Scott

The PF says Guy Scott is not God, they don’t need him in their campaigns and he is not a factor. 

Speaking on behalf of the PF, former Munali PF Member of Parliament Mumbi Phiri has charged that Acting President Guy Scott was not a factor in Edgar Lungu’s campaigns.

And Acting President Guy Scott has asked father Frank Bwalya to go to hell for demanding that he resigns.

Speaking on UNZA Radio Thursday morning, Phiri said the PF will not plead with Guy Scott to support Lungu because they were not desperate adding that Scott was not God to be pleaded with.

‘Nobody went to plead to Scott, is he God? That is just a fallacy, he is not a factor even if he does not come,’ Phiri said.

She further claimed that the people of Zambia are the ones asking for the resignation of Guy Scott and singled out Father Frank Bwalya as one of the Zambians demanding for Guy Scott to resign.

But Acting President Guy Scott rubbished Bwalya’s demands and told him to go to hell.

Meanwhile Phiri has claimed that the PF does not need to catch-up with any party in the campaigns despite Edgar Lungu only managing to hold four rallies in two weeks.

She said the PF has already campaigned through infrastructure development and setting up of mobile communication towers in chiefdoms.


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