PF says will only reduce mealie meal prices to K85

After lying to the nation, the PF regime now says will only manage to reduce mealie-meal to K85 per 25kg bag of breakfast meal and K75 for the same bag of roller meal.

Last month, Edgar Lungu ordered his agriculture minister Dora Siliya to reduce the price of the staple food. Siliya has since forced millers and grain traders to sign contracts aimed at reducing the prices of food, which presently many people can not afford.

But according to an agreement signed by millers with the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and Grain Traders Association of Zambia (GTAZ), the reduction will be negligible and only for a few weeks, if at all there will be any reduction.

How can selling a bag of mealie meal at K85 be even considered a reduction? It is mockery to the people.



Currently there are no jobs in Zambia, businesses are failing for the majority of Zambians due to bad policies by the government and there is no production at national level.  The only available jobs are political appointment which are basically non productive. This scenario means that very few people can afford to buy meallie meal especially now that one bag costs more than K100.  The acceptable price of meallie meal right now would be K15 per bag.
Superior Milling managing director Peter Cottan told the government controlled Times of Zambia that  the prices in Lusaka will be  ranging from K89.99 to K91.99 for 25kg breakfast depending on the retailer, which in some cases was a reduction of K10 per bag
from the previous retail prices.


The millers that signed the fake contract are National Milling Corporation Limited, Superior Milling Company Limited and Nyimba Millers Limited.
Others are Chat Milling Company Limited, Ghirardi Milling, Jimbara Milling of Mansa district in Luapula, Delicious Milling and Kasama Milling.

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