PF says will sell TAZARA

The PF regime is in the process of selling the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA).

The PF regime has already engaged a Chinese firm called TIS, as a consultant to carry out feasibility studies and ascertain privatising the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA).

Deputy Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Mwimba Malama, said in Parliament today that the outcome of the document of feasibility studies would then be handed-over to the government.

Mr Malama, who is also Mfuwe PF Member of Parliament (MP) said the firm is highly indebted and under- performing to even pay its workforce on time.

Mr Malama said the firm, which has joint shares by Zambia and Tanzania, has accrued U$S1.3 million in debt in terms of running the transport fleet.

He was responding to a question raised by MMD Senga Hill MP, Kapembwa Simbao, who wanted to find out whether TAZARA will be privatised and why salaries of its employees are often delayed and when all the outstanding salary arrears will be paid.

And contributing to the answer, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, Yamfwa Mukanga, disclosed that the feasibility studies commenced in 2011 and they were supposed to be completed in 2012.

Mr Mukanga said his ministry still awaits the final report of the study from the consultant and, thereafter, government would make a decision on whether to privatise TAZARA.


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