PF says won’t accept constitutional court ruling unless in favour of Lungu

Paid supports  of PF presindet Edgar Lungu on the Copperbelt have vowed that they will not accept nullification of the election of the Head of State because their choice is final, according to Richard Sakala’ s Daily Nation.

They have cautioned the Constitutional Court to be cautious in dealing with the petition by the UPND because it had serious implications for peace and security.
Mine Suppliers and Contractors Association of Zambia (MSCAZ) president Bwalya Mufonka said it would be impossible for supporters of President Lungu to accept the ruling of the Constitutional Court if it nullified the election of the Head of State. Mr Mufonka said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday that President Lungu won the August 11 elections and that they would reject the decision of the Constitutional Court if it was not in their favour……”


ZWD: This is very shocking to say the least. Does the PF know what the judgement of the court will be for them to start threatening the court before it even starts sitting or is the PF so guilty that they can’t stand the idea of a court looking into the way the elections were conducted ?  As far as we know, the court has not even started hearing the matter. So why is the PF so afraid? So, the PF will not accept the outcome of the petition if it’s not in their favour, but they expect the UPND to accept a verdict in favour of PF? The constitutional court was created by the amended constitution which the PF launched at the stadium. The judges thereof were appointed and sworn in by Edgar Lungu. So why would Lungu and his supporters refuse to obey this or any other court? If the PF disrespect the court, will they honestly expect the UPND to respect any other law on the country?

What will the PF say or do if the petition will be thrown out?

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