PF seeks judge to hear Inonge Wina’s contempt complaint

The PF leadership is scheming to appoint a friendly High court judge to hear the case in which national chairperson Inonge Wina has applied for contempt proceedings against presidential claimant Miles Sampa and other leaders.

Wina wants the court to punish one of the presidential claimants Miles Sampa, chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo, acting President Guy Scott and returning officer Germano Kaulungombe for allegedly holding an illegal general conference on 1st December in Kabwe. Chiefs and traditional affairs minister Nkandu Luo and acting chief justice Chibesakunda are scheming to have the case allocated to a judge who is friendly to the PF Edgar Lungu team, which has also been branded as ‘cartel part 2’.

Sources from the judiciary have said that the contempt case may be held in Kabwe but be heard by a Lusaka based judge who will make sure that the accused are found guilty and may be sent to jail while other claimant to the PF presidency Edgar Lungu is legalized as the PF president.

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