PF sells Tazama fuel reserves to Dangote


dangote-elEdgar Lungu and his patriotic fools have sold off all the Provincial fuel strategic reserve tanks belonging to the Government of Zambia under TAZAMA. This includes all the newly built reserve tanks like those in Solwezi built by Sata. These are matters PF will not report on Dead nbc and other PF vuvuzelas other than portraying this thief as a Christian. This is the move that saw the richest African ALICKO DANGOTE in state house two weeks ago to seal off this deal.

Some gullible citizens will still wonder what makes Edgar Lungu not comfortable with private media and strong legal institutions(LAZ) in this country. The fixing team has constantly said that corruption starts and ends up with Edgar Lungu. In return we are been called all sorts of names but that gives us courage to stand stronger than ever.

Three weeks ago Edgar Lungu through his corrupt Energy Minister David Mabumba and others imported 150 tankers each carrying an average of 38,000 lt’s of fuel which was off loaded at formerly Continental reserve tanks in Kapiri Mposhi. TAZAMA is aware of this but can’t do anything because this involves what they call in PF circles Zambia 1 (EL) in corruption.

Our search at ZRA indicates there was no data captured for these trucks. Imagine how much tax the nation is losing at the expense of these criminals. The quality of this fuel has not even been tested to know if it meets the standards yet it’s already been sold at the market.

Crookedness is what PF knows best. They don’t care what damage this fuel will cause to thousands of automobiles. Even the Mukula tree is being smuggled by government officials and people with links to PF. Which opposition member have you heard caught smuggling anything? Even maize and mealie meal it’s PF. You have heard reported trucks impounded or abandoned with Mukula tree but have you been told if the smuggler’s have been arrested or not and subsequently were the Mukula tree is taken?

We have constantly said we have no leadership but a den of thieves yet blind followers call us bitter. We will not stop telling the nation and the world the truth. PF is full of criminals and thieves.

Are these people you expect to cherish the services of the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

We challenge Energy Minister David Mabumba to refute this fuel saga and we will show the nation all the evidence we have.
We also challenge state house to deny the transaction with DANGOTE.

The PF have caused damage to our nation beyond what your eyes can see. Zambia is so poor because all the money is in PF pockets. Shame.

We will provide you with more data should PF try to deny this. Kindly investigate on your own and you will prove us correct.

Zambia needs to develop but certainly not with PF.

Zambia Forward.

The Fixing team.

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