PF sends 6 buses full of cadres to disrupt GBM’s meeting


When President Lungu was busy accusing GBM
and the UPND of training a Militia, what he
actually meant to say was this, “it is only PF who
is allowed to train and have a Militia…” but must
have gotten mixed up in his words.

As at 23:15 hrs last night, 6 Coaches laden with
heavily intoxicated PF youths who were seen
brandishing their Pangas in the air, left Ndola and
was headed for Kitwe to cause some serious
VIOLENCE and to disrupt the meeting that GBM is
to hold.
Yesterday GBM was teargassed in Mpongwe when
residents asked him to address them over the
hardships they where facing by Police who trailed
the entourage for a very long time.
“6 buses have just left Ndola and are headed for
Kitwe, these are big buses and are carrying very
drunk PF cadres. I am sure they are going to
Kitwe to cause war with the UPND team there.”
narrated a UPND official based in Ndola.
“What happened in Mpongwe yesterday was a
small fight because Police where just working on
orders and where not all that physical, but what
we shall see today might be a blood bath. Lungu
is determined to call for a state of Emergency and
he will do it at whatever cost…even killing us…”
continued the official.
It is sad that the one people thought was most
humble out of all the Presidents we have had in
Zambia, it is he who is ready to actually destroy
the 51 years of Peace and Tranquility all because
of his humble selfish reasons.


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