PF sends criminals pardoned on Xmas to kill Bembas in perceived UPND strongholds

In their continued efforts to paint UPND and the party’s president Hakainde Hichilema as tribalists and therefore reduce his chances of winning in the Bemba dominated territories, President Edgar Lungu, Davies Chama and Zambia Prisons Commissioner General Percy Chato have deployed about 160 of the 502 prisoners released on Christmas day to Southern province to attack and even kill some Bemba speaking people.

This  is one of the 25 evil plans Lungu has lined up against HH.

Well placed source within PF and Zambia Prisons service have told the Zambian Watchdog that prior to their pardoning, the convicts were being trained in Tonga speaking while some of them are actually Tongas in reality. They have been paid some money and even given some weapons to cause havoc on some well known and trusted Bemba speaking citizens who live in Tongaland and other UPND strongholds.

This scheme will make the Bemba speaking people to rise against Hichilema and reject him in the 2016 elections. When this group of terrorists strike, the police will be in a hurry to arrest some known UPND youths and accuse them of being behind the killings and maiming. Some fake people will be arrayed and testify to have been jointly involved but the fact is that while these witnesses will be detained alongside the UPND cadres, them will not be subjected to any cruelty in the prisons. The thugs shall also be acting to be disturbing PF meetings in various places while clad in UPND regalia.

The lie by Davies Chama that HH condemned a certain chief for welcoming Bembas ( Chama who is not Bemba by the way) was the launch pad. it was designed to show that the statement by HH caused the attack on Bembas. Luckily, this lie has been exposed and roundly condemned.

Ex convict Richard Sakala’s newspaper the Daily Nation and Zambia Reports have been identified as media houses and paid huge sums of money to be ‘exposing’ these deaths and terror strikes. A collossal sum of money has also been paid to the editors of the publications.There are even some reporters that have been positioned and promised that if Lungu wins the 2016 they will be appointed into foreign service. 

We challenge government to produce the names of the recently pardoned prisoners so that we point to them who the terror cadres are.

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