PF sends hit squad to beat opponents in Chililabombwe

PF sends hit squad to beat opponents in Chililabombwe

We have been informed by friends in the Patriotic Front (PF) that Chilibombwe MP Richard Musukwa has directed a dangerous hit squard to terrorize UPND in all the wards during campaigns.

Some of the well known criminals on the PF hit squard include the following:-

*1.Kashiki Shimpundu*

*2. Smith Mwape*

*3. Chisha*

*4. Shifili*

*5. Joe*

*6. Chansa*

*7. Kunda who is also their field commander*

The immediate asualt is on the UPND candidate Evans Mwambula and his campaign manager Lucky Sichone.

*They have also put Jerabos from Black Mountain in Kitwe on standby to harass voters.

*Right now they are camped at PF compaign centre laying low.making points to block or frustrate the voter turn out on 12 February 2019.*

We hope and pray the the Zambia police shall act this time around.

Concerned citizen.

In the photos is Nixon Mupeta, a victim of PF pangas in Chililabombwe still nursing wounds in hospital.

Mupeta, a UPND official was attacked by PF thugs and left for dead



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