Photos of Sata addressing Cabinet meeting posted on his Facebook

Photos of Sata addressing Cabinet meeting posted on his Facebook

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 16.47.33PF government and have now started sending information that president Michael Sata today addressed a cabinet meeting at State House.

The information was also reported by Radio Phoenix mid-day news, but even in there usual lies, State House have not issued any official statement to confirm the meeting except for the latest update from his facebook page.

Strangely, the public broadcaster ZNBC main mid-day news also seems to have missed such an important national event that would ideally have been one of the main items, as has been the case in the past.

In case you have forgotten, Sata personally phoned ZNBC’s Kenneth Maduma from London not long ago to dispel rumours about him being hospitalised in some clinic after the Brussels meeting.

Even more recently, journalists have been called to attend the chaotic introductions of Cabinet meetings to prove president Sata was fit, working and in-charge of the country.

One of his main activities urgently awaiting him now is swearing-in of newly ratified Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila, Attorney General Musa Mwenya, and Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa.

There are also a number of diplomats that have been accredited to Zambia that Sata needs to personally receive their credentials for them to start functioning.

What is true though is that Cabinet meetings are normally held on Mondays and normal ones can last for even 5 hours discussing various national issues.

But Zambian Watchdog can confirm that by 12 hours, a key Cabinet member and Sata’s uncle Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda was at Pamodzi Hotel in the company of Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa and Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito, perhaps scheming on how to sort the mess and succession wrangles.

It is not so clear why PF government leaders are being so heartless with their leader and by remaining in denial with Sata’s health condition when that should have been a straight forward issue that can even win the president prayers and sympathies from a cross-section of the people.

Others however speculate that people might start mocking president Sata the way he messilesly mocked his late friends Levy Mwanawasa, Anderson Mazoka, and George Kunda, which is not the case because Zambians are not as evil as he used to be with his late colleagues.

Sata’s health condition has been a subject of concern for sometime now, even MPs raising questions in the house almost on daily basis.

But in there desperation, they are even releasing previously unused pictures of Sata in Cabinet room taken by former Post newspaper photographers Thomas Nsama and Eddy Mwanaleza.

If indeed all is well now with Charles Katongo Mwango Chilufya Michael Sata then Zambians will be happiest to see him perform his fucntions.

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