PF sends millie meal to buy Katuba votes as UPND relaunches ‘Mapatizya formula’

People of Katuba have landed themselves in early X-Mass as desperate PF turns into “Father Chirtmans” giving food in exchange for votes in Tuesday’s Katuba By-election.
Meanwhile, the UPND this Monday evening re-launched the ‘Mapatizya formula’ to safeguard the vote. The UPND says they are taking Katuba as serious as a general election and will do so any subsequent by-election.

Sources within PF have disclosed that the ruling party knows that it will lose the election but to is now trying last minute tricks. The PF have offloaded maize from FRA to a named miller in exchange for the miller to take m/meal for distribution in Katuba tonight as well
as cooking oil.
“So apa nabalonga kale kwati nangu 5 trucks so, yalaima ubushiku,naba kapokola balapo uku pelafye security,kwachiba meeting lelo and ba Miles (Sampa) eba incharge naba DC (Ashwel Kampengele) elo na Lungu (Edger) . Things are not okey, we made a mistake during the adoption and the
President is very annoyed with the way the campaigns have been conducted, abantu balelya fye indalama, thats why balikana ukubwekela ko again for the rally” said the source

Meanwhile, as word of these trucks of m/meal went round Katuba, the Opposition UPND has gone round telling people of Katuba to look out for trucks carrying m/meal and run to collect as many bags as each can as that is the
only benefit in from the PF Govt. People can only benefit is there is by-election in the area.

‘If you see these trucks, please tell your neighbours and all your family
members make queues ,after getting take home quickly and run back for more, as this is only time you will have free things under PF Govt, if you manage to get 5 bags a family at least you will be guaranteed of 3 meals for the next 4 months. T
On Monday morning, Qfm news had on its News items, 5 Katuba voters
whose voters cards were collected by Miles Sampa in exchange for K100 but didn’t know that, it meant that,t hey may not vote in tomorrow’s election.
However, the Opposition UPND relaunched its famous MAPATIZYA FORMULA in Katuba Monday evening.
A high-powered Team of Youths was being detailed this afternoon and trained
how to conduct Night Patrols to curb any possible vote buying during the night and on the voting day itself.
Specific instructions have been given to burn-down any truck moving in the night with bulk mealie meal as long as a confirmation and verification is carried out that, truly it’s mealie meal being transported.
Mapatizya formula is a famous anti-rigging election management system which
was hatched by UPND during Mapatizya by-elections that saw Ackson Sejani win a seat for the Opposition UPND in a tightly contested By-elections with then ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy under Frederick Chiluba and Michael Sata as strategists.
People of Katuba will be voting tomorrow in a by-elections following the death of Area Member of Parliament Dr Chikusu of MMD but serving in PF Govt as Health Deputy Minister.
Katuba is just after Independence Stadium-Lusaka.
The ruling party failed to find a local person to stand on its ticket so they ended up putting a call boy from Zaire called ‘Big Moze.’ He is not a registered voter in the area and does not know the local language. He speaks some broken Nyanja.

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