PF sends Pangas to Mangango

PF sends Pangas to Mangango


Several bags of pangas have been loaded in Khondwani bus heading to Mangango from intercity this morning.

Remember yesterday they bought 10 bags of Pangas and they are at PF office at intercity, so 8 more bags remaining.

Actually there are 2 buses which left at the same time

They wil drop in Kaoma and board another bus which wil go direct to Mangango

They are parked in boxes and wrapped with sacks like normal luggage.

With a serious government and police service, they should immediately search these buses going to Kaoma.

Other passengers in this bus must equally stop this bus and have these luggages searched.

We can’t have PF thugs carrying dangerous weapons paid to go and commit genocide against the people of Western Province who are so highly marginalized and need development instead of being killed again.

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