PF sends State House vehicles, cash for bribing voters in bye-elections

The Patriotic Front’s abuse of government resources in the upcoming by elections has moved into high gear with the dispatch of four government Toyota Land Cruiser Prados and two Nissan Navaras bearing State House number plates ABX 4439 and ACL 7824.

The vehicles have been sent to Senga Hill were the PF are battling their former member Giles Yambayamba who is contesting on the UPND ticket. A team has been camped at Chela ward in Senga ward.

And according to a member of the PF elections secretariat team that met on the 16th of March, Masaiti District Commissioner Joseph Mwabana was advanced with K400,000 by Neelkanth Lime Company after the company’s representative Barnabas Zulu met with the PF’s campaign manager in the Masaiti by election Jean Kapata.

The money is meant for bribing voters, the same offence that the seats were nullified, and is being distributed to coordinators.

However, there is trouble brewing in the PF camp as Mwabana did not surrender or declare the K400,000 he was given.

The source said Evans Shamute, a ward councilor, Mrs Mary Kunda who is also village headwoman Chimbalanga, Patson Kunda and Mr Pinta have been courted as potential and influential figures in Masaiti to spearhead the PF distribution of resources during the campaign.

The PF has also organized thugs from Lusaka and the Copperbelt who will be sent in Masaiti to start terrorizing UPND would be members.

“This group has a specific mission in Masaiti, it has been detailed to threaten UPND sympathisers, beat them into submission and abduct a few to scare people not to vote for the PF candidate Michael Katambo,” said the source.

The source further said the Pricilla Mulenga Isaacs, the director of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been helping the PF by undertaking some surveys through Afrobaroter asking the people of Masaiti and Senga Hill on the popularity of the UPND candidate.

The source said ECZ has already identified presiding officers and methods thery will use in vote manipulation.

“Truckloads of cooking oil, beans, soup, sugar and mealie meal using ECZ vehicles have delivered in Masaiti and Senga Hill,” said the source.

The source further said the PF election secretariat team held a one-day workshop were a document titled “the best political campaign strategy for you” was formulated.

The document has since been given to all their aspiring candidates in the parliamentary and local government elections.

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