PF senior official sexually molesting own daughters

PF senior official sexually molesting own daughters

Trymore Mwenda

Edgar Lungu’s friend, Trymore Mwenda, who was recently made Southern Province Patriotic Front information and publicity secretary has been sexually molesting his children, the youngest being a nine-year old daughter.

In what appears to be a ritual, Mwenda has on several occasions driven to State House in the evenings and forced his daughter to have sex with him on the car under cover of darkness.

The daughter believes her father is HIV positive.

Speaking from her hide-out at a named lodge in Avondale on Saturday, a traumatised Lisa (pseudonym) explained that she has endured sex abuse at the hands of her own biological father since she was 11 years old.

“I have lived with this since I was eleven, but the other week I saw him through the window in the evenings pulling my nine-year old sister to his car and when I went to inquire why he was doing that, he hid in the yard and was not answering me. When the child came back in the house she was sobbing and not talking. I was troubled at her sight; I couldn’t imagine a younger child going through what I have endured at his hands,” said Lisa who is a first-year student at the university of Zambia.

“One day I got the name of the drugs he takes and googled it, I discovered it is used for the treatment of HIV and AIDS,” she said between sobs.

When contacted on his mobile number 0977785490, Mr Mwenda did not deny the accusations saying “those girls are spoilt children. I have taken them to school, the other one has a degree and Lisa is also getting into university this year and I have been paying for them. Which child can say such a thing against their parent after all I have done for them? Each one of them has a personal to holder car.”

He added that time will vindicate him.

Narrating a myriad of sexual molestation incidences by her father, Lisa said on the material day he molested his nine-year old daughter, Mr Mwenda slept out of his house to avoid her (Lisa) questions why he was doing that to his own daughters and other family members.

Lisa said she was thrown out of the house the following day together with her aunt (Mwenda’s sister) and her other sister while her nine-year old sister, who was being abused by her father, was also sent out of the home to her mother’s place after she (Lisa) revolted and insisted that the matter be discussed by the family with everyone in attendance.

While her father says he paid her university fees, Lisa says she has a 100 percent government bursary but her father has threatened to talk to his friends of ‘influence’ so that it can be withdrawn.

She narrated that her step mother has on several occasions dragged her to the family’s matrimonial bedroom where she was made to watch them having sex and her father would later turn on her.

Lisa said the matter is well known by her uncles and aunties but the family has elected to turn a blind eye to the problem because he splashes money at them, explaining further that all female children have been showered with all sorts of expensive gifts including cars to shut them up.

She complained that even her own biological mother has told her to keep quiet and ignore what was happening.

She said one day after molesting her, her father wondered whether she would accept to stand naked with her step mother and himself (Mwenda) before a witch doctor.

She said she has confronted her step mother about the evil and bizarre happenings in the house and all she says is that she is also surprised with what happens.

In one of her recordings on her phone, she is heard confronting her step mother why she is allowing her husband to sleep with his own children and all she says in answer is that it is not her idea but Mr. Mwenda’s.

She said when her father first molester her, he comforted her and explained to her that it was normal and was happening to all her friends in their homes but it was forbidden to discuss it with anyone else.

Because of his insatiable appetite for sex, Lisa also revealed that her father has also impregnated his sister in-law (his wife’s younger sister) whom she was keeping.

Lisa says she is afraid her father can send people to kill her because she has decided to expose him.

“He says nothing can happen to him even if I reported this matter to the police because he is well connected and that his money works for him.”

Mr Mwenda said Lisa was being unappreciative as she and his other children were brought up by their step mother while their own mothers are drunkards. He said no one can ever do what he does for them and they will suffer when he withdraws his support.

Lisa has since been handed over to Laura Miti who has taken the two girls to a safe house run by the Young Women Christian Association. If he would not have committed suicide by the time police pounce on him or his friend Edgar Lungu does not come to his aid, Mwenda is expected to be arrested today.

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