PF sets aside K10m to buy back officials from UPND

From another forum:

The ruling Patriotic Front has conceded that it will be practically impossible to win the forth coming elections if the mass exodus of its members to the UPND is not halted. Sources within the ruling party have confirmed that defections that have rocked the ruling party have become a source of concern and are contributing to poor healthy of President Lungu and Chishimba Kabwili no wander the unprecedented abuse of State Media by the Information Minister these days.

In order to make this a reality, the regime has launched a campaign called “Bring Back Our Old Members” Campaign and organised for a whooping K10, 000,000 towards the same exercise. The campaign is aimed at ensuring that all former MMD and PF Members who defected to the UPND are brought back with a promise of receiving K500,000, K300,000, K250,000 each depending on how influential one was in the party.

For example, K500,000 each has been reserved for Miles Sampa and Guy Scott while GBM will be promised with unlimited access to government tenders/contracts. Mr Mwaliteta, Keith Mukata and others to receive K300,000 each while ordinary but influential members like Racheal Chileshe and Judge Ngoma to go away with K250,000 cash upon accepting to denounce HH and endorse the candidature of President Lungu whom PF Members described as the most desperate president Zambia has ever produced since independence.
The sources say President Lungu intends to trick Miles Sampa and Guy Scott to sign a memorandum of understanding where the duo will provide a running mate to him and give a list of their members whom they would like to be appointed as cabinet Ministers in an event that Lungu wins the forth coming elections.The whole process will be presided by PF aligned Money Hungry Clergymen like Bishop Joshua Banda and Rev Pukuta Mwanza.
Jonas Shakafuswa, Richard Kapita, Frank Bwalya including Top Military and Intelligence Officials to take up the exercises of convincing members who defected to UPND to come back to PF while ensuring that all PF Members are well looked after to avoid more predicted defections.

Madam Inonge Wina will be the chairperson of the campaign movement.
But other sources from State House have said that the move will just be to trick Miles Sampa, GBM and Guy Scott to support Lungu and be arrested once he wins just as he did last year.
“The man has no interest to work with Mr Miles Sampa. All he wants is just for them to leave the UPND. He is convinced that once Miles Sampa, GBM and Dr Guy Scott remain in UPND, he will have no chance of winning the forth coming elections”, explained the source.
“President Lungu is still having problems with choosing his running mate as he is being haunted by his earlier statement where he promised to adopt a female as his running mate. But he wants to bring either Maureen Mwanawasa, Christine Kaseba or Nevers Mumba to be his running mate”, added the source.
“The president is in serious dilemma. And let me warn that the amount of abuse you are witnessing on ZNBC TV will tripple as we heard towards elections. The President and Mr Kambwili have stolen a lot from Zambians and fear to be arrested,” concluded the source.
Last year, President Lungu told top PF officials that he was ready to spend all the money he has if that would help him retain the presidency and refused to to rule out military action against the main opposition in case he loses completely.

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