PF sets next Saturday for convention to pick candidate

Acting President Guy Scott says the central committee that met on Sunday afternoon formed a quorum and set Saturday this week as a date for the general conference at Kabwe’s Mulungushi Rock of Authority. The agenda will be to pick the party’s presidential candidate for the January 20, 2015 by-epection.

Scott said at a media briefing yesterday that the MCCs who convened at State House resolved to go for a general conference to ensure there are no short cuts in picking late President Sata’s successor.
“We held our second central committee meeting at State House today [yesterday]. Article 58(k) of the PF constitution states that an extra-ordinary conference be held to elect a party candidate.
“In that central committee meeting, we resolved that we hold a general conference this coming Saturday. We are going there on Friday and voting will take place on Saturday,” Dr Scott said.
He said the PF is bound by its own constitution and will not do anything to the contrary, which risks splitting the party.
He said those serving suspensions will not be allowed to attend the general conference until their suspensions are lifted.
Dr Scott said those suspended will have to answer charges before the disciplinary committee before they are cleared.
PF deputy secretary-general Anthony Kasolo said a quorum for yesterday’s central committee meeting was formed because 16 members who attended constituted the 50 percent constitutional requirement.
He said this number constituted 50 percent of the total number of MCCs, less the 16 that are suspended, leaving a total of 32.
Among the aspiring candidates who attended Dr Scott’s briefing are Chishimba Kambwili, Geoffrey Mwamba, Miles Sampa, Wylbur Simuusa and Mulenga Sata.
And Mr Kambwili has appealed to PF members to respect Dr Scott because he has the same powers which were vested in late President Sata by the party’s constitution.
He said all those that Dr Scott has suspended should not take their suspensions lightly because he is doing that in accordance with provisions in the party constitution.
On Saturday, Dr Scott suspended 16 members of the central committee.  These are PF national chairperson Inonge Wina, government spokesperson Joseph Katema, Jean Kapata, Willie Nsanda, Stephen Kampyongo, Freedom Sikazwe, Obvious Chisala, Malozo Sichone and Benson Chali.
Others are Fabian Chiposo, Sylvester Mtonga, John Chisanga, Lazarous Bwalya Chungu, James Kapyanga, Mwenya Musenge and Rasford Mwale Chipolo.
Meanwhile, a PF MCC, Peter Kazhila yesterday alleged that Mr Kambwili assaulted him at Government Complex.


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