PF settle for Charles Chalwe in Mansa bye-election

After the refusal by Vincent Sakeni, late Kennedy Sakeni’s son to stand as an MP for the vacant Mansa Central by-election, the ruling PF has now settled for a prominent businessman Charles Chalwe as their candidate for Mansa Central by-election.

Sources within State House have told the Watchdog that Mr. Chalwe has emerged as the ruling party’s favourite in what they believe he will easily sail through because he is an Aushi by tribe and hails from that area.

State House sources say other candidates have been rejected because they don’t come from that area.

The MMD are believed to have identified Mr. Besa Chimbaka to contest the seat on their ticket while other opposition political parties are also still interviewing possible candidates.

Mansa Central constituency fell vacant after months of denial by government that late Mr. Sakeni was ill in India and had actually requested to be relieved of his duties but ailing dictator Michael Sata refused leading to his eventual death.

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