PF should respect Northwesterners, Lozis and Tongas

PF should respect Northwesterners, Lozis and Tongas

*The case of teachers recruitment 2019*

By James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku

*RPP President*

Its idiocy, foolish and 100% stupidity for the ministry of education to pick 129 teachers from Lozi, Tonga and northwestern provinces, out of a national figure of 2900.

Its not acceptable and uku, kutumpa of the highest order.

But we know where this stupidity is stemming from. This stupidity is stemming from the pf.

Pf believes in Easterners and northerners in all national appointments.

When board members are appointed to heard various state department administrations, its all easterners and northeners picked.

President Rupiah Banda used to sloganeer that he was a president for all Zambians, but no one can explain the tribal tendencies of our current Jameson.

These segregative, regionalistic and tribal attributes of the pf are indeed dangerous recipes for civil strife, if the disadvantaged ethnics contemplates rising up and stand for justice.

This what the pf is doing is against explanations of natural justice and must be subjected to condemnation by all upright thinking and well meaning Zambians. You can’t pick 30 teachers from northwestern province out of 2900 national slots available. This is above madness and insensitivity. Uyu muchisha chinani. Kutumpa.

Read history and you don’t find a country whose people developed when they were divided. We need unit and national togetherness for us to develop.

You can’t pick 70 teachers from western province out of 2900 national slots available, bushilu ubu. And I stand to challenge the barotse royal establishment for failing to speak against these pf vices against lozi youths who have been disadvantaged by this wicked regime of insensitive and careless separatists.

The likes of thabo kawana and other Edgar bootlickers can’t speak against this tribal injustice because they are comfortable with airport handshake allowances.

You can’t pick 29 teachers from southern province from a national stake of 2900. This is lunacy.

You can all sit down and endorse this tribalism. But I am not sitting back. I am demonstrating tomorrow at the ministry of education demanding for the equation of luapula, northern, muchinga and eastern province selections, which averages about 350 per province.

This is not a national govt but a northern eastern administration. But we need a national govt.
If certain regions don’t vote for u just know that that is democracy.

James Lukuku

*RPP President*

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