PF should stop abusing govt resources in Mufumbwe elections

PF should stop abusing govt resources in Mufumbwe elections

By Kapalu Nchinyemba

It is very disheartening to see how PF is abusing Governments resources in the Mufumbwe bye-election campaigns in broad day light with impunity.

First and foremost, we demand clarity from PF government to explain to us the role the DC for Mufumbwe is playing in this campaign because she is openly campaigning for a PF candidate when he is a civil servant.

The DC Masela Sekeseke is alleged to have been the one paying bills for PF cadres and officials staying in various guest houses.

Moreover, her official government house is being used as resource mobilisation and disbursement centre with Masumba’s posters stuck on the trees around the house.

Again DC Masela Sekeseke using a Land Cruiser GRZ816CF belonging to Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries went to meet Shawi Fawaz at Kalengwa mine yesterday where she was allegedly given over K50 million for Mufumbwe campaigns.
We challenge the DC to come out in the open and deny before we start unleashing what she has been doing publicly for PF

We equally want to ask the Police to impound immediately the Toyota  Hilux Jean Kapata is using and arrest her.

She has been using a fake number plate for another car on the GRZ vehicle. We equally urge MMD
to be on the lookout for many schemes that PF want to use to rig the elections.

As UPND, we know very well that MMD will win this election with a bigger margin and we shall ensure we give all our strength to MMD.

Jean Kapata must be ashamed of herself to allow herself to commit such an offence. We all know that the ALD 6979 number plate on Jean Kapata’s Hilux is Registration number for a white Toyota Toyo Ace belonging to the same Jean Kapata and parked at her residence in Lusaka.

You may wish to know that among the people that removed the number plate from that car to put on the GRZ vehicle is our man.

We informed the MMD who in turn reported to Police but the PF Police have failed to act, instead they are escorting the fake car with a Zambia Police landcruiser.

Please stop this rot and make a level playing field for campaigns. You are lucky MMD is a bit restraint otherwise l would have urged them to smash that Hilux because it’s not fair.

Refer to my attachment to authenticate my claim and l challenge RTSA to make
public the details of ALD 6979.

PF is full of deceit but people of Mufumbwe are geared to place them where they belong. Before we impound that GRZ ourselves, let the Police impound and charge Jean Kapata accordingly or else we shall do it ourselves.

You cannot take us for granted for so long.

Viva MMD Viva UPND, abash PF, Chipimo and Nawaki

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