PF sidelines Copperbelt chair in Roan elections

PF sidelines Copperbelt chair in Roan elections

Nathan Chanda

Copperbelt provincial chairman Nathan Chanda Bwalya has been sidelined and left out of the campaign team for the forth coming parliamentary by elections in Roan constituency.

Sources close to state house revealed that President Lungu personally instructed that Chanda be left out of the campaign team after a recording was availed to the president last month in which Chanda was secretly claiming that he defeated both president Lungu and PF secretary general Davies Mwila to win the provincial chairmanship alleging that the president had wanted Mike Manda to be copperbelt chairman.

Chanda has conspicuously disappeared from most PF blogs including his own whatsapp group after it was announced that the Central committee had picked Joel Chibuye as the PF candidate for Roan. Chibuye was not among the applicants at constituency level and his name was only floated at the MCC meeting. There has been a power struggle between Chibuye popularly known in Luanshya as Chibs and Nathan Chanda with both positioning themselves for the Roan seat. The central committee has further appointed Bowman Lusambo as campaign vice manager. Lusambo had taken to Facebook immediately after Chanda was declared copperbelt chairman and castigated him for reducing the campaigns to mere rhetoric about the black mountain.

Lusambo further cast aspersions on the quality of the leadership that came out of the provincial elections as lacking maturity. This was a direct attack on Chanda and Lusambo never received any reprimand from the party confirming suspicions that his attack on chanda had the blessing from the top PF leadership. Sources in Luanshya have revealed that Chanda has in the past few years made a lot of enemies in his quest for political power. “The mayor Nathan Chanda currently has a lot of enemies, he is not in good terms with Luanshya MP Steve Chungu, he has also differed with the DC, he differed with his deputy chair Kangombe after he openly supported Mike Manda”, claimed the source.

A source from the central committee has further revealed that Chanda was sidelined from the Central committee meeting that settled for Chibuye as the parliamentary candidate despite Chanda himself being a member of the central committee.

11 candidates had applied to stand on the PF ticket including Chanda’s elder brother Matthias Bwalya who withdrew at the last minute. Constituency officials in Luanshya had indicated that Chanda was backing Chejelani Maunda who he had picked to warm the seat for him as Chanda himself has ambitions to stand in 2021. But intelligence sources in Luanshya has said Chanda’s popularity has diminished in Luanshya. Despite being reprimanded 3 years ago by the disciplinary committee of the PF, Chanda has continued to use the President’s name unnecessarily and holding people at ransom in the party by claiming that he is very close to the president.

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