PF singer Dandy Crazy cries foul

PF singer Dandy Crazy cries foul




PF AUDIO VOICE-NOTES doing the rounds on Social-Media have slammed the PF DONCHI KUBEBA Music icon, King DANDY KRAZY, the JERA-BOH, because of the Facebook Video he posted mid 2019 of himself with some Caucasian Chicks chilling on a boat whilst ranting that ONLY FOOLS WERE SUFFERING, BY CHOICE, etc.

DANDY KRAZY has lost an aunt at Livingstone and he bemoans the fact that nobody in the PF Party is coming to his aid, to contribute to the costs of his bereavement.

DANDY KRAZY adds that all the PF MPs he has been phoning are never picking up his calls nor even responding to his SMS text pleas.

KING DANDY KRAZY goes on to lament that had it not been for his ingenious hit song, DONCHI KUBEBA, the PF Party would not have had an easy win of the 2011 Polls when the late PF President Michael Chilufya Sata beat incumbent MMD Candidate Rupiah Banda resoundingly.

It appears the current EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU Regime prefers to rather DUNUNA REVERSE, with JK, than to DONCHI KUBEBA with the JERA-BOH, who not so long ago decided to pompously diss the PF and poor Zambians on Social-Media.

What’s your Say? Should the PF Assist KING DANDY KRAZY?

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    Demo Krazy 2 weeks ago

    Can’t musicians criticise the government and ZNBC play the music? Are both musicians and ZNBC shiit scared? What a democracy!

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    Quiet billionaires 2 weeks ago

    talking about contracts,as soon as Sata won elections in 2011 airtel gave Dandy a contract he was allover streets posters for adverts. And what happened he was caught NEFYAMBA and Airtel terminated his contract.

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    Munchinji 2 weeks ago

    If Dandy Crazy wanted instant financial help from PF billionaires, he should have announced to the world that HH promised to give him K100,000 for his relative’s funeral but changed his mind at the last minute. Do you know what would have happened? Those PF billionaires (most of whom can’t account for their instant wealth) led by Junior Kasaka kaNdalama Bowman Lusambo would have lined up with sacks full of money to relieve Dandy of his financial woes.

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    Too bad for u mr

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    Trustee 2 weeks ago

    Politics will never end. Politics it’s a game we are one in Christ. Let’s put everything in God’s hand and help one another.

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    Bright mafinga 2 weeks ago

    Ubwato bwabunda on kapaso dandy shilu kikikikiki; what else do you expect from politics of the belly?

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    Lean not on your own understanding 2 weeks ago

    5 This is what the lord says: “Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans, who rely on human strength and turn their hearts awayfrom the lord.
    Jeremiah 17:5

    They are like stunted shrubs in the desert,with no hope for the future. They will live in the barren wilderness,     in an uninhabited salty land.
    Jeremiah 17:6

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    Lawrence 2 weeks ago

    My condolences to the believed family,rest in peace mum

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    Musenge 2 weeks ago

    Let us not support a political party based on individual selfish benefits. Zambia now has more than 18m people who are looking at performance of government in power. Moreover there are funerals everyday affecting the poorest of the poor

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    Another idiot with zero common sense? Maybe

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    True Zambian 2 weeks ago

    This audio is fake because dandy will not use social media over his issues like this. He not a small boy he knows how and were to find or reach them if he wanted. Jeep your lies.

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    True zambian 2 weeks ago

    I don’t believe this audio is of our king dandy,why didn’t you send a video like that one in the boat?Zambia politics are gone beyond human thinking ,you just want his name dented.yes he have a funeral but dandy will not stood so low to post his personal issues on such platform. He knows what and how to reach them if he needs them.stop lies.

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    Sad patriot 2 weeks ago

    Politicians should not be expected to start dishing out money each time there’s a bereavement in the community. They are not charitable organisations and have their own personal needs to take care of. We need to educate people to stop asking their leaders for money in their personal capacity. Likewise, it should be considered bribery for politicians to give money or so-called donations directly to people. They should channel such donations through charitable organisations if they really want to help the poor as individuals.

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    You are so rich why bother MPs.
    You were boasting in your previous  video that you are enjoying, you are not suffering.
    Days are numbered and the worst is still coming for you my Dear.
    Learn to lower you self in society.

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    just sing a song for Hh because hes the one who winning the elections viva hh viva upnd continue resting in peace President sata we love you even in death but we can just go one with pf

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    MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    The watchdog just like UPND takes pleasure in other people’s miseries. Losing a relative is painful and I wish to convey my heartfelt condolences to Mr Wesley Chimbambo. May God give you strength as you pass through this trying moment. The parte will definitely come to your aid without any condition attached. I also wish to call upon fans of daddy crazy to help in whatever little way to easy the bereavement. To the UPND cadres who think dandy is the reason for UPND not to be in government today because of dochi kubeba song and would like to sort out dandy in Livingstone, my plea to you is that please don’t cause confusion at the funeral, this is not time for politics but for mourning. The people of Zambia convey their deepest condolences to you King Dandy, you will come out strong out of this. There is a great task ahead of you come 2021.Wishing you God’s blessing

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    washalawasha 2 weeks ago

    O ho, DANDY KRAZY is really crazy. His parents have also become poor.
    It is a good lesson for sobering up. Do to others as you would wish them to do to you (Mathews 12:7). A good economy is good for all while a bad economy can only be good for a few and that number reduces like in this case.

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    Anthony Kambeu 2 weeks ago

    Why should they help a person living good as he said in the video were he trash talked everyone limping in this hard economy?

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    He has money why bothering others is he broke like us? stop bothering others tawageba?