PF speaker Matibini says there is no official opposition in Zambia

The opposition MMD has been stripped of its status as the official opposition in Parliament.

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini announced the decision when he made a ruling on a point of order raised in June this year by Defence deputy Minister Davis Mwila whether it was in order for the MMD to continue being recognized as the official opposition when its seats in parliament had reduced from the initial 55 to 52 at the time.

Matibini, once a respectable lawyer,  in his ruling  said that for a political party to be bestowed with the status of official opposition in parliament, it should have 53 members of parliament which is the house’s quorum.

He said as matters stand now, no opposition political party in the house has the requisite 53 members to satisfy the quorum as provided for under Article 44 of the republican constitution.

The Speaker stated that he was therefore revoking his decision of 19th October, 2011 to recognize the MMD as the official opposition in the house.

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