PF spent US $2.3 million tax payers money ferrying cadres to disaster stadium

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu and his PF leadership spent more than US $2.3 million dollars taxpayers money to ferry people around the country in more than 1000 hired buses for the Saturday Heroes Stadium event where they were expected to launch their manifesto.
But despite this whole expenditure, students at both University of Zambia and Copperbelt University have not received their upkeep allowances since they opened while Mulungushi University students were rioting over increased fees.
Bills seen by the Zambian Watchdog indicate that close to US$ 500,000 was spent on paying musicians alone while delegates were also being paid some allowances for attending, and that is minus hotel bookings.
But despite all this, the manifesto was not ready making people wonder how they could deliver the contents of whatever is contained in the document if they failed to deliver the document itself on time.

And Davies Chama had announced that the PF would also reveal the list of adopted candidates but even that also failed making the whole event a mere musical concert.

The PF also failed to show an noteworthy defector from the opposition despite lying that the Catholic Church, Ngandu Magande and 11 MPs from the UPND would defect.
Sources revealed that part of the money came from proceeds of maize exports while ZESCO also pumped in alot of money meant for improvement of electricity generation in the country.

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