PF sponsors division between Lozis and Nkoyas

A PF  government scheme to destabilize Barotseland by creating a rift between Nkoyas and Lozis has been unearthed, according to Barotse Post.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry  Chiefs’affairs Coillard Chibbonta has been named as the key architect in the latest ploy and is reported to have organized two meetings so far with Nkoya leaders in which he promised government jobs to those that will succeed to cause turmoil between Nkoyas and Lozis in Barotseland.

However,  a highly placed source has told Barotsepost that some revolutionary Nkoyas are strongly opposed to this whole plan. It is reported that while people like Edwin Nkomesya, Mulwisya and Fridah Luhila were among those that were for this evil scheme, and have since been promised government jobs, others such as Kaushiku, Shumina and a large number of other Nkoyas came out in the open to condemn the move as they were of the view that unity, peace and harmony is what Barotseland needed for development, and that Nkoyas and Lozis have always existed as brothers. They argued that no responsible government would promote anarchy in order to further their governance.

In his frantic efforts to enlist his troops, Chibota went to the extent of promising to arrange another meeting with the president of Zambia and the Nkoya leaders.

This current desperate move from government was caused by information that the Ngambela of Barotseland had last month called a meeting in Mongu with the Nkoya leadership and chiefs where he openly embraced and invited the Nkoyas and Lozis to work together for Unity, Peace and Development in Barotseland. He further had told the Nkoya leadership that whatever they would suggest in order to further cement and nurture the good relationship and coexistence between Nkoyas and Lozis, he would do everything within his power to facilitate so that peace, harmony, unity and development could be achieved in Barotseland. This meeting is reported to have been only but a preliminary meeting which would be followed by a bigger meeting in Kaoma next month. The outcome of this preliminary meeting was reported to be very cordial and successful.

Upon realizing the success of this meeting, Edwin Nkomesha and Mulubisha rushed to some named daily newspaper in Zambia where they categorically stated that the Nkoya fraternity was not ready to engage in any talks of peace with the Lozis whatsoever. “What is sad is that when the Nkoyas who are for peace went to the same daily newspaper to refute and correct the wrong notions and impressions created earlier by Nkomesha and his friends, the paper only promised to feature their version of the story, but to date, nearly two weeks later their views have not been featured. This makes us to question the motive of the daily newspaper.” complained our source.

The highly placed source named the key to this whole scheme as Chibota, the permanent secretary chiefs affairs, who is the facilitator and others such as Edwin Nkomesha and Luhila who have agreed that they are ready to do anything to make sure that there will be no peace between Nkoyas and Lozis.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the Hon Ngambela of Barotseland, Clement W. Sinyinda, has been put under probe to see if there is anything government can find to embarrass him. It is said that this probe goes from as far back as the time when he was headmaster in Senanga, then when he was MP and later Deputy Minister in the ministry of education in the Rupiah Banda administration.

Mr Chibota or any of his accused collaborators could not be reached for a comment. However, our source insisted many witnesses exist who could stand to expose this evil scheme.

Barotse Post

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