PF stands no chance, says Dr Scott

PF stands no chance, says Dr Scott

all the damage we are inflicting by leaving the ruling party, PF doesn’t stand a chance of winning the coming elections, says former Patriotic Front and Republican vice-president Dr Guy Scott.

Agreeing with Mulenga Sata’s statement that the PF had been hijacked by newcomers, Dr Scott, in an interview, said there was no doubt that the ruling party was going down.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 15.43.12“It’s a very strong statement that Mulenga Sata gave. I was with Michael from the beginning and Mulenga has just said the truth…he has said it in a very simple manner. I think these newcomers in the PF, these MMD hijackers as he calls them… we have warned them, I mean several times I have spoken about this problem in the PF but nothing has been done. It is very humiliating to see people tearing up Michael Sata’s speech and see them being vulgar about his leadership, being in the PF today,” Dr Scott said.

“The MMD wants to run the PF. They think they can run this election and win it. But I doubt if they stand any chance of winning. Miles Sampa has left, Sylvia has also left…I don’t think they can get it. And with all the damage we are inflicting by leaving…all the complications that we have left in the party, we shall see.” He also said by passing the grade 12 clause, the PF was  trying to create two classes of citizens, those that could lead the country and those that could only follow what others decide. “Like this grade 12 nonsense for example, what are they trying to do? Are they trying to create two classes, one which is fit to rule and the other not fit to rule? That is very evil. How do you tell somebody who has got six children, he has been married for 20 years, he has built himself a house, sends his kids to school but he himself did not get a grade 12 certificate, that he or she is not fit to be a leader?” Dr Scott wondered. “Even when someone has worked in the council for the past 10 years, will you tell him that he is not fit to be a councillor? I am not surprised that people like O b v i o u s M w a l i t e t a resigned, he is within his rights to do what he did.” He said the PF was a party full of uneducated people and wondered how the law was passed on their watch. “PF is a party for the poor people, uneducated people, not a party for the elite only who are allowed to do what they want. If you have a grade 12 certificate, does it make you honest? Does it make you a better organiser than others? I think I am hundred per cent with Mulenga,” Dr Scott said. And reacting to Chama’s statement that those leaving the PF were selfish, Dr Scott said it was Chama’s job to say something even if it made no sense. “At least he just has to say something. I would have been surprised if he did not say anything about the people leaving. We have just heard Inonge Wina on the Vice-President’s question time in Parliament, I mean, she just has to say something. Even if what she says sounds to you like nonsense, you just have to hear it because she had to say it,” Dr Scott said. “Chama doesn’t need an explanation from us as to why we have left. We have left, we are non-factors. We are no longer a factor now but we will see. Let him organise his campaign because I think a lot of genuine PF members of parliament are going to lose their seats and they will be very upset, let him deal with that.” Meanwhile Dr Scott mocked the PF saying it was in a “critical but stable” condition. “If it were a patient in hospital, you would say, it’s critical but stable, going on comfortably, which are nice words to use for a sad process. If you go to the hospital where your relative is dying, when they ask ‘how is he’ you don’t say ‘he is dying’, you say ‘he is critical but stable’. The PF is critical but stable in the language of doctors,” said Dr Scott.

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