PF start premature campaigns in Kabwe local government election

Even before the Elecyoral Commission of Zambia sets date, PF in Kabwe have started campaigning in the forthcoming Highridge Ward local government by election barely two weeks after the death of the PF area councilor Tasila Hara but the move has shocked some residents and the deceased’s relatives, PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba is expected in Kabwe this Saturday.

PF sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that Kabimba will have a fundraising dance at Misuku lodge during which they are expected to pick a candidate for the by election which is expected to be difficult for them due to the government’s failed promises in the former mining town where central business district roads have remained un attended to for the past two years, high unemployment and poor garbage collection.

“We are surprised as a party that even before the funeral is traditionally over, these guys have started looking for Ms. Hara’s replacement. You guys early this week exposed that Mr. Kabimba has kicked off his 2016 Presidential campaigns, that is true so this weekend he is going to Kabwe both for his Presidential ambitions and to identify the candidate for Highridge Ward,” said a PF secretariat official.

Highridge is an affluent ward in Kabwe central constituency mostly inhabited by ex middle and top management workers in the civil service and Zambia railways whose head office government has relocated to Lusaka contrary to the promise made when the company was repossessed from concession and there would be no chance of manipulating voters by buying them Chibuku beer or Tujilijili. The campaign will be issue based

Under similar circumstances and in the same constituency, PF lost Kaputula ward, which houses Chindwinn barracks last year to the MMD and Kabwe people are already saying they will use the ‘Kaputula ward formula’ to reject the ruling party.

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