PF start sponsoring bogus opinion polls done by their cadres

With two days before voting day,  the PF are desperately trying to release fake opinion polls to unsuspecting media houses purporting that Edgar Lungu will win Tuesday’s election with more than 67 percent.

The fake opinion poll results have been “cooked” by PF cadres calling themselves UNZA PF Thinkc Tanks led by someone calling herself Dr Nyambe.

The panic by the PF has been caused by recent survey by the OP which was presented to Acting President Dr Guy Scott last Friday which indicates that HH will convincingly win next Tuesday’s elections with 67 percent.

This is in addition to other credible opinion polls such as by a UK-based organisation, MUVI TV and The Post Newspaper online.

The false opinion poll likely to be released to media organisations sympathetic to Lungu claims that HH will get in 5%, yet even in Chawama where Edgar is area MP he has been rejected with PF officials resigning and joining UPND.

Credible polls indicate that HH  will win Lusaka with a landslide and will have incredibly massive votes from PF traditional strong holds such as Central, Copperbelt, Northern, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces.

The PF is aware of this and have resulted to sponsoring falsehood and violence as kicks of a dying horse.

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