PF starts creating women clubs and giving money in Mangango

The ruling PF have now started open bribery of voters in Mangango by registering fake women’s clubs where each one is receiving K1000 and have been promised more money after voting.

PF, using former MMD MP Robert Chiseke and Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo in conjuction with Kaoma Council Secretary Fidelis Chanda are registering women clubs and paying them K1000 per club.

Chiseke even opted to buy a toner printer cartridge for the council today, so that the women’s clubs can be quickly registered using government resources.

Chiseke also ferried 150 women using his truck from Mangango ward while Masebo organised women from Chilombo ward yesterday.

All the women, who are voters in Mangango Constituency are accommodated at Kweleka Guest House in Kaoma.

One woman, identified as Ms. Banda, who works for the department of Social Welfare was ferried there on either Friday or Saturday to oversee the same bribery project.

She had a closed door meeting with the PF campaign team on Sunday morning.

The Wynter Kabimba team comprising vice-president Guy Scott, Obvious Mwaliteta, Silvia Masebo, Inonge Wina, Emmanuel Chenda, and fully supported by the Post newspaper is under pressure to deliver the Mangango by-election and grow their wings.

The Post newspaper has been writing negative stories about the opposition UPND portraying them as violent party, and for the first time, the paper is readily available in the remote areas of Mangango, where they never ordinarily deliver.

Another loss for the Kabimba cartel, that lost the Katuba by-election to the same UPND will be a huge blow to their ambitions to take-over the PF presidency from the ailing president Michael Sata.

So far, the likes of Chishimba Kambwili and others have never bothered to help in the campaigns.

Sata himself will not be available for campaigns forcing Scott to cancel his trip to the SADC Heads of States Summit and delegate Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba.

It will probably be the first time in the history of the country that a ‘healthy and fit’ sitting president has not supported campaigns for his political party in an election.

Sata himself has so far been to all the by-elections held in this country under his presidency, and his shunning this time, while everyone claims he is healthy and fit, can only mean he hates the people of Western province.

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