PF starts surrendering ZESCO to China

In this advert published in government newspapers, the PF cabinet says it has began reforming ZESCO. The PF regime doesn’t spell out exactly what these reforms are, entail or how how long they will take. In the vague press release, secretary to cabinet Roland Msiska simply says ‘the overall objective is to make ZESCO a viable company.’

But the Zambian Watchdog knows and we hereby state that, the key part of these reforms will lead to the Zambian government surrendering ZESCO generation equipment to China through Syno Hydro because of the huge debt Zambia owes.

Syno Hydro has been doing equipment upgrades at Kariba and other parts of the country on credit which Zambia has failed to pay. The arrangement will be like ZNBC which has been taken over by the Chinese firm Top Star.

We challenge Roland Msika if he still has any decency left in him to publish the recommendations he is talking about so that Zambians can see for themselves.

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