PF still attempting to rig Katuba, women beaten as ECZ tempers with ballots

The attempt to rig the Katuba by-election is under way and the PF last night tried their best to manipulate the vote.

Early this morning, the UPND Night Patrols Team pursued an unregistered Nissan Double Cab loaded with PF Officials who, in the process of running away dropped 14 voters’ cards when jumping from the vehicle. This was after a tip from Katuba residents who were visited in their homes by the PF officials buying votes.

The UPND team started trailing the vehicle and only managed to corner them in Kanwanjiba area in Chilo Ward of Katuba Constituency.

There were many vehicles going round distributing foodstuffs in exchange for voters cards last night.

And MMD supporters last night almost beat up former Anti-Voter Apathy President Bonnie Tembo – the ugly man with long teeth like Zinjanthropus, after they found him trying to buy votes.

Meanwhile, PF women who were found giving money to people going to vote this morning have been whipped.

Meanwhile, there was a fierce scuffle last evening between ECZ Officers and UPND Officials at Kanwanjiba Basic School after it was discovered that ECZ officers opened Ballot Boxes in the absence of Political Party Agents.

The ECZ, as required by law, had assured all stakeholders that all stake holders would be invited at the point of distributing of election materials to polling stations.

But a tip off from voters alerted UPND Dundumwezi Member of Parliament Edger Singombe and his team who rushed to Kanwanjiba Basic where they found ECZ officers busy with materials and some ballot papers were found on the desk.

When confronted, officers claimed that, that is how they found the boxes already opened. . At this point UPND cadres could not listen to their Leaders as they started kicking and roughing up the officers. The UPND has since lodged a complaint on the same.

And information just received from Kabile Ward is that 6 PF women from Lusaka have been whipped after they were found standing on the road at Kalala Basic polling Station stopping people going to cast their vote giving them K20 notes.

The women pleaded for leniency claiming they were just told to be doing that, as they did not know it was an offence.

UPND has engaged vigorous patrols making sure voters are not induced by any means. The Opposition Party has disclosed that they have taken today’s election as a test of its revised Election Management Formula ahead of 2016 general election and the Party will give no chance to any attempts to rig today’s polls.

And here was a near punch up on Monday between MMD and PF party members in Katuba constituency after some PF cadres were caught buying voters cards and National Registration Cards at Chipeso polling station. The PF cadres under the supervision of former Anti Voter Apathy (AVAP) executive director Bonny Tembo has carried a lot of cash for vote buying. MMD Campaign Manager in the Katuba By-elections Harold Chandala confirmed the development in an interview.

“Yes it is true the PF were found vote buying at Chipeso. There was almost a serious break down of law and order as some ordinary people wanted to implement citizen arrests. I was there was Chris Aka our councillor for Katuba” he said.

Bonny Tembo as executive director for AVAP before 2011 elections preached against vote buying.


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