PF still having sleepless nights on UPND convention

PF still having sleepless nights on UPND convention


When UPND’s general assembly was taking place PF paid people a lot of money to critique it. Ntewewe and company were very attentive to find a fault.Unfortunately, for him it was like he joined a bit late, or had challenges with internet connectivity. So, when he finally joined, the national anthem was in the final stanza. The voices were so amazing, no voice was off key. He heard the last line in Tonga and he punched the air thinking he found something to justify payment. He guessed the whole national anthem was sung in Tonga. Then he thought that would help him retire his imprest.

When he briefed his financiers, they were so excited that he was paid the imprest balance and his press statement was sponsored. PF was very excited thinking that they finally found something for their tribal card. Not knowing they were dealing with a party fighting to unite a country they themselves have divided.

There was another one, a chairman for an NGO who went to seek accreditation to the General Assembly. Even though he was not allowed in, he was able to get his balance by convincing PF that he found something. He told them that HH was retained an opposed. PF paid him and funded him to appear on Diamond TV and tell the country. Oh I can’t stop laughing. On TV, he stressed that they should have allowed anyone to challenge HH. However, PF couldn’t ask him to explain how they could have allowed anyone to challenge HH as no one counter applied. Or since no one applied, did he want a frog to challenge HH. Any way PF does not use logic before paying as long as your statement has HH and UPND in it. That’s all they need, and you’re paid.

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International

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