PF still planning to arrest GBM

PF still planning to arrest GBM


Information going on that Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front government want to arrest UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba on a trumped up charge is no surprise at all.

We are fully aware of the plans and arguments by some quarters on whether to arrest GBM or leave him alone in fear of doubling the tension.

Our President Hakainde Hichilema has continued to face torture abuse and humiliation despite revelation by the arresting officer Mpanza Mbita that he arrested him on three charges including treason without investigations.

As if not enough the Patriotic Front is still not satisfied and now wants to arrest our Vice President GBM.

As a party we will not be cowed down by political arrests of our leaders neither shall UPND be forced to recognise a leader because of political arrests.

We should not be taken for granted because we stand for the truth, the party remains alert and this time expects police to be professional.

“No more arrests on our leaders without investigations”

We challenge the Patriotic Front government and the police not to make more political arrests because doing so shall not only increase tension but increase cases going to the International Criminal Court.

As UPND we are left to wonder what the leaders Edgar has been visiting in other countries are advising him because the tension in Zambia is known worldwide.

Leave GBM alone because you still have questions to answer as follows

1.Who sent the masked policemen to raid HHs home and then arrest him without investigations.
2.Who ordered the transfer of President HH and five others to Mukobeko despite a court order in place
3.Like the bishop said “Who ordered the use of German Sherpherd dogs at Court.

No matter how long it takes the Patriotic Front will have to answer because UPND shall not rest until the above questions are answered.

This time around we shall not allow police to arrest GBM under cadres‘ instruction but remind them of the ruling passed by Magistrate Malumani after Police officer Mpanza Mbita lied on oath in court.

We urge police to remain professional because politicians come and go.

“Remember the country and world is watching”

Enough of trumped up charges

Teddy Mwansa
Information and Publicity Secretary
Mansa District

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