PF still rigging up to now

PF still rigging up to  now


UPND losing Members of Parliament for Mandevu, Chawama, Matero and the Mayoral candidate for Lusaka have unearthed a scam were some ECZ officials suspected to be Patriotic Front cadres were caught filing in new Gen 20 documents for the said constituencies and the Mayoral seat.
The UPND alliance candidates who are petitioning the results were this morning breathing fire when they caught officials from the commission tempering with the Gen 20s that were filed in on poling day.
The ECZ officials who were visibly shaken tried to deny changing figures on the Gen 20s and claimed they were only correcting a few mistakes.
The UPND alliance members quickly acted and called the police who later took the officials to Lusaka central police for questioning.
Victor Nyasulu, Tom Michelo, Potipher Tembo and Aaron Mulope have shown determination that they will do anything within their means to ensure there is enough evidence to avail to the courts that shows the unlevelled electoral process.

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