PF stole our victory, insists Percy Chanda

When you see that people who are supposed to respect you in society are not doing so, as a normal human being you must sit down and do a soul searching as to what’s wrong with yourself.

This is what normal people do as opposed to arm twisting those that don’t respect you. Society has a right to perceive you according to your conduct before it. Society is a mirror that reflects the truth about someone. It’s inborn for us Zambians to respect the elderly and distinguished people in our society. One does not need to force people to respect him. Or send people to prison for failing to respect him. Respect is earned as opposed to intimidating people.

There are so many things that lead to society not respecting someone, but for the sake of what I’m talking about I will pick on stealing. From the time I was a small boy I have never came across a situation where a thief is accorded respect by society. Even at school if a pupil is known to be stealing his friend’s pencils he/she will be treated as an outcast by his /her classmates.

Imagine someone breaks into your house and steals your only TV set, would you kneel down before him and say “Mr. Thief Sir, that’s my TV you are watching with your family or you simply say “you thief, that is my TV you are watching”?

Thieves of any sort do not deserve respect from any society; in fact most thieves once caught by society face instant justice and end up being lynched. If a thief is lucky to escape instance justice they serve long sentences and once out of prison they are treated with contempt, ridicule and perpetual suspicion by society.

This is the case of the UPND and PF. The victory that belongs to HH, GBM and the people of Zambia was shamelessly stolen from them by PF and Mr Lungu. That being a fact do you expect the entire UPND or Honorable Members of Parliament to be glorifying thieves? Whenever our Members of Parliament express their displeasure against these thieves they cry like sick babies.

For sure Ba PF you should have known in the first place that stealing is not only a sin but a crime which takes away respect from you. Why is it that Ba PF you don’t want our evidence to be heard in any Court? You very well know that you will not only be embarrassed but punished for stealing votes. There is no HONOUR in stealing, what is there is embarrassment .

As UPND we are determined to embarrass you to the whole World. What our MPs are doing is just a tip of the embarrassment that Ba PF will face from us if the petition is not heard soon. In fact personally I’m missing the fun in Parliament. I wished I was in the House to torment you further and break you down. All thieves are morally weak and cowards, as UPND we know this fact.

Your scheme of attacking HH, GBM and the entire UPND is just making us stronger as UPND family. If you so wish, you can hire Lucifer as your consultant in insulting us and giving you his latest version of insults, still we will never give up or abandon HH, GBM and the people of Zambia. If we don’t fight for this case all elections to follow will just be mare formalities, as you will by then be experts in stealing other peoples votes. We have seen this trend in some Countries which trained Mr Lungu in dictatorship. My word is one day WINA AZALILA

Percy Chanda

UPND- Freedom Fighter and Chairman for labour.

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