PF stooge Zambia Railways MD admits getting double pay

PF stooge and Acting managing director at Zambia Railways Dr. Muyenga Attanga has finally confessed getting double pay from both Zambia Railways and the ministry of transport and communications where he is permanent  secretary.

The public owned but PF controlled Times of Zambia quotes Attanga describing his government pay as ‘small monthly earnings’, in preference to the huge salary and allowances he is enjoying from the state owned railway company.

“I only get small monthly earnings from the ministry of works and supply where I am PS,” boasted Attanga who is also husband to PF deputy secretary general Bridget Attanga when asked to confirm the story of him getting double salaries as reported by the Zambian Watchdog.

Last week the Watchdog exposed that Attanga was demanding almost same conditions as those demanded by Professor Clive Chirwa who was accused of abusing the company resources and was eventually suspended pending investigations. Part of the extreme conditions he has demanded are two motor vehicles superior to the GRZ Landcruiser Prado he is currently driving and a fully furnished house which has already been provided in Lusaka’s plush Woodlands area. This is inspite of him having his own house in Chamba valley and drawing housing allowance from the government.

Attanga has also disclosed that security wings like the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Auditors from the ministry of finance and the Auditor General’s office are keeping a watchful eye on the US$120 million euro bond which the general public fears is being abused, and that three local companies have been selected in the tender to supply rehabilitation equipment to the railway company.

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