PF stops paying subscription fees for professionals in government

The bankrupt P.F government has now stopped meeting the costs of subscription fees for accountants and other professions in government to their respective mother bodies due to lack of funds.

In their usual “Don’t Kubeba”way of doing things, while portraying the language of supporting these professionals, any money paid for subscriptions will now be treated as an advance and will be deducted from salaries on a monthly basis over a twelve (12) months period.

All previous governments have been paying subscriptions for accountants and other professionals to their respective mother bodies without any deductions as a way of supporting them.

In addition, previous governments were also paying retention allowances to qualified accountants and other professionals as an incentive to retain qualified personnel in the civil service as their salaries are very low compared to their counterparts in the private sector.

But all this was stopped by the broke P. F government. This means civil servants ‘monthly salaries have been reduced by the subscription fees.

This will be a huge cost, especially for those who pay in British Pounds and US Dollars because of the highly depreciated Kwacha.

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