PF stops supporting farmers

PF stops supporting farmers

mutatiAs one of the key conditions to acquire a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the PF regime has stopped supporting farmers.

Minister of finance Felix Mutati says the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) was not yielding any results.

Mutati has also announced that the role of the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has been limited to only buying just half a million tonnes of maize per harvest.

Mutati said both farmers and the Government were not getting the returns they deserved despite the huge amount of money Government had invested in the FISP.

Mutati said the agriculture sector had to be transformed from a way of life for people to a business venture. What Mutati means by that is that peasant farmers will have to compete with commercial farmers or be damned.

“In our transforming process in the agricultural sector, we have to discard FISP and extend the electronic voucher system and ensure that it is the only process for the distribution of farming inputs,”Mutati said.

But all these statements from Mutati are empty. The real reason the regime has stopped supporting farmers is for it to obtain a loan from the IMF. The so called Electronic voucher is a non starter and the PF will use it to steal money and abandon it after milking the country just like they have done with many ‘projects’. All government subsidies including bursaries to students will eventually be scrapped off to please the IMF. But the IMF has never helped any poor country to develop because that is not why it was developed. The IMF was created by Britain and the USA for the benefit of those countries. It is the IMF that messed up the Zambian economy by giving Fredrick Chiluba and his group of thieves stupid, foreign advice on how to run the economy.

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