PF struggling to find candidate in Katuba

The PF is struggling to find a candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Katuba constituency. Katuba is in central province.

In desperation, the PF is pushing a nephew of the late MMD MP hoping that the name of the late MP will attract some votes.

The by-election follows the death of MMD MP Patrick Chikusu who was working for PF as a deputy minister of health.

Chikusu died a few hours after visiting State House where he went to complain about the fired nurses.

Vice-president Guy Scott today (Thursday) morning flew by chopper to Chief Mungule’s palace to introduce a Mr Rabson Chikusu as the ruling party’s candidate.

The contest in Katuba will be between PF and UPND.

This is the main primary school in katuba

This is the main primary school in katuba

The UPND has not yet picked a candidate but may recycle Jonas Shafuswa.

There is poverty in most parts of the country but Katuba has been reduced to a pile of rubbish under the PF.

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