PF supporters and youths demanding jobs are selfish individuals-Chanda Mfula

PF supporters and youths demanding jobs are selfish individuals-Chanda Mfula

A Patriotic Front official has called its members seeking jobs in government after campaigning for the party to win the 2011 elections as selfish individuals.

Chanda Mfula, the media and communications director attached to Secretary General Wynter Kabimba’s office, says the PF can’t give all its over one million supporters who elected President Michael Sata jobs in government.

The PF has been poaching opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Members of Parliament and assigned them to inferior deputy minister positions to gain legislative votes but some of its members are upset with the situation.

Some PF backbenchers are even threatening to withdraw their monthly contribution to the party because they have been overlooked by President Sata. There is a lot of dissatisfaction among youths who also overwhelmingly supported President Sata and the PF.

But Mfula has said it is impossible for the PF to reward its supporters.

He said those demanding jobs were selfish.

Mfula claims that the continued defections of opposition Members of Parliament, which are prompted by persuasions from PF as revealed by President Sata when MMD’s Ngoma resigned and defected at the weekend, was a reflection of increased popularity of the ruling Party.

Although Mfula attempts to deny MPs defecting to PF are induced to do so, there is overwhelming evidence including President Sata and Kabimba’s own confessions that the ruling party is behind this development.

Mfula claims that the MPs that have been defecting to join his party have done so because of the seriousness and commitments that the PF has embarked on in developing the country.

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